When does someone need a lawyer? here's the explanation and timing!

A person usually needs a lawyer in a variety of legal situations that involve complex legal issues or require an in-depth understanding of the law and some examples of situations where a person may need a lawyer include:


When a person is faced with criminal charges, whether a misdemeanor or a serious felony - Criminal defense attorneys help defend clients' rights in court.


In civil legal disputes such as divorce, child custody issues, contractual agreements, lawsuits for property damage or claims against other people.

Family Law:

In situations such as divorce, child custody, change in marital status or adoption.

Business Law:

To establish a company, resolve business agreement issues, protect intellectual property rights or resolve business disputes.

Estate and Inheritance Planning:

For estate planning, making wills, and estate administration.

Employment Law:

When someone faces legal problems related to employment, such as illegal dismissal, discrimination, or claims related to workers' rights.

Property Law:

For property buying and selling transactions, rentals or property disputes.

Immigration Law:

In immigration cases, including immigration status visa applications, or appeals.

Environmental Law:

When someone faces legal problems related to environmental pollution or environmental permits.

Bankruptcy Law:

To help a person or company facing financial difficulties navigate the bankruptcy process.

Intellectual Property Law - In cases of copyright, patent or trademark infringement.

Corporate Crime Law: 

In investigations or trials related to unlawful acts within the company.

International law:

For cases involving international or interstate law.

Health Law:

In cases of medical malpractice claims or other legal issues related to health services.

Financial Law:

For legal matters related to investment, banking or taxes.

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